Using Sports to Address Real Problems

As the nationwide leader in sports-based youth development, Up2Us Sports harnesses the power of sports to reduce youth violence, promote health, and inspire academic success for kids in every community.  Our research, training, and on-the-ground initiatives empower sports programs to become a powerful agent of positive social change.

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Coaches placed

Up2Us Coach has provided coach-mentors trained in sports-based youth development to more than 500 community organizations.



Up2Us Coach has trained youth sports coaches who act as positive role models and mentors to youth living in under resourced communities.


coachING in their home communities

Up2Us Coaches act as credible messengers when they are from the very communities they are coaching in, oftentimes at the same organization they participated in as a youth.

*Above numbers accurate as of May 8, 2019


External Evaluation shows Impact of Up2Us Coach

The Louisiana Public Health Institute conducted an external evaluation on the Up2Us Coach program in New Orleans. The evaluation found statistically significant improvements in physical fitness and life skills.

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coaches trained

Up2Us Training provides coaches and those who work with youth with the training they need to make a lasting impact.


hours for each coach 

Before beginning their service term, Up2Us Coaches receive comprehensive training in youth development. 



hours of instruction

Since 2012, Up2Us Training has been equipping coaches and those who work with youth with the tools they need to be effective. 

*Above numbers accurate as of May 8, 2019