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Up2Us Training has partnered with a wide variety of organizations, including school systems, parks departments, professional sports teams, and faith-based organizations.

Below are just a few examples of how Up2Us Training has worked with clients.

Case Study.Grizzlies.jpg

Helping an NBA team create a sports community for youth

For more than 4 years, Up2Us Sports has partnered with the Memphis Grizzlies to bring sports-based youth development to the Memphis community.  Up2Us Sports has assisted with the launch and development of the GrizzFit program, a sports-based youth development boot camp designed to promote positive mentoring relationships and physical literacy.  Up2Us sports has also trained and placed coaches with Grizzlies community partners, like Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM). Most recently, Up2Us Sports lead a training for law enforcement officials volunteering in a community basketball league for middle school youth.  

Case Study.Nike.jpg

Turning retail staff into community ambassadors

As part of Nike’s Community Ambassador program, retail store employees are incentivized to volunteer in their community as coaches.  Up2Us supports this innovative program by providing training to the Community Ambassadors so that they can be well prepared to contribute to the development of sport and life skills of youth in the communities where they serve.

Case Study.Chicago Parks.jpg

Training 2000+ Camp Counselors to connect with youth

Up2Us Sports partnered with the Chicago Parks District and Nike to train more than 2,000 summer rec leaders as part of the Nike Swoosh Summer Academy.  Up2Us Sports also trained more than 250 full-time CPD staff members who oversee programs at parks across the City of Chicago.  By working with both direct service and management staff, Up2Us Sports is able to help the Parks District create a positive culture for all youth who participate in parks programs.  

Case Study.PAL.jpg

Working with Law Enforcement to Create Safe Spaces for Youth

Philadelphia’s Police Athletic League (PAL) serves youth in community centers across Philadelphia.  Up2Us Sports has supported their quest to create safe spaces by training law enforcement officers to be great coaches.  This means that they use the power of sports to form meaningful relationships with youth, create positive team culture and help youth develop skills that will help them be successful in school and in life, like discipline, plan b thinking, and future focus. Philadelphia PAL’s leadership team have all participated in multi-day residential trainings and have been fully certified by Up2Us Sports in sports-based youth development.

Case Study.Urban Dove.jpg

Maximizing the Power of Sports to Help Kids Graduate From High School

The Urban Dove Team Charter School is no ordinary high school.  It is a school designed to use sports as a tool to help over-aged, under-credited students find a path to graduation. The school has full-time coaches who use the relationships they are able to build in sports to support their students in the classroom in order to help them succeed.  Up2Us Sports is providing training and on-going support throughout the year to the school’s coaches, social workers and other support staff.  

We've Trained High-Caliber Programs Across the Country

The case studies listed above are just a brief look at our past partners. We have also provided training for those listed below.