youth in underserved areas

Up2Us Training focuses on coaches who work with youth in low-income communities who often experience stress and trauma as result of repeated exposure to negative behaviors. Our trauma-informed approach to coaching ensures that coaches can perform a critical role in helping youth in these communities to heal and thrive.


training for programs

In addition to courses aimed at coaches, we offer options for program directors and staff.  These sessions on sports-based youth development program design, program quality, and evaluation provide the tools needed to increase the impact of youth sports programs. 

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she changes the game

At Up2Us Sports, we are dedicated to helping more women become youth sports coaches. Our coach training prepares women to be great role models for young girls in at-risk communities. 

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Up2Us Training will work with you on the content and length to meet the needs of your organization, your budget, and the youth you serve. We also offer foundational training: “Change Your Coaching in 7 Words or Less,” an optional program prior to beginning our certification program.  Spanish-speaking trainers are available for all Up2Us Sports programs. 

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Pacific Northwest (OR/WA)
Adrienne Moore

Mid-Atlantic (DC, DE, MD, PA)
Mariana Folco

Mid-West (IL)
Andy Neilsen

West (CA/AZ/NV)
Dre De La Peza

South East (FL/GA/SC)
Thomas Padro

Deep South (AL/LA/MS/TX) 
Nate LeJeune

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Andy Neilsen