Coach Across America Goes to the Super Bowl


As many of you know, Up2Us was featured in a Super Bowl pregame show segment that focused on the powerful impact of Coach Across America. Our idea at Up2Us has always been a simple one. We know that kids look up to coaches more than any other adults besides their parents. Let's equip these coaches with the skills to be able to address the most critical challenges facing kids—from health to safety to academic success. In communities where there are no coaches, let's hire coaches, train them and place them in playgrounds, in parks, in community centers, in nonprofits and in schools where they are needed the most.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need to raise awareness that events like Super Bowl Sunday are not just about a game, they are about change.  And that sports in general are not just about entertainment, but they are about solutions to America’s problems.

What better way for us to trumpet this message then by having a televised segment at the nation's most popular sporting event…but shouldn't this kind of advertising be a part of every sporting event?

Can you imagine if one minute of every professional sports game was dedicated to highlighting a local nonprofit and the work they are doing through sports to solve challenges in the surrounding community?   A captive audience of fans would not only be entertained by the home team but be inspired by the home community. It would also raise the level of awareness that is necessary for the sports-based youth development movement to gain ground and solve the problems that education reform and violence reform have insufficiently addressed.

So, next time you attend that game, hear that national anthem, stand up for the seventh-inning stretch, enjoy the halftime celebration.  Please help me to dream that instead of a highlight, one day there will be a “60 Second Community Sport-light”…that regular feature on the Jumbotron or televised broadcast that you always know to look up at to be inspired.  That “spot” that shows the power of sports, not just to unite us for the game, but to inspire our kids and communities to be the best they can be.

“This week, our team is proud to sport-light a local nonprofit that is using our sport to improve graduation rates in our public schools…Please join me, take a look at the Jumbotron and be inspired…”

Can you hear it?

Paul Caccamo Executive Director