Congress Needs Sports-Based Youth Development


Dear Members of Congress, I don't care what side of the aisle you are on, but it's time that you get outside and start playing ball. By that I mean baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, track...

Yes, Congress, you need sports-based youth development.  Here are the rules: the first is that you need to form teams that are evenly split between your parties.  Second, we are going to incorporate special exercises before, during and after each game that maximize communication, teamwork and relationship building among your teammates.   Third, we will give each of you the opportunity to take ownership over parts of the team, and the rest of you will have to support the leader until it's your turn to be leader.  Fourth, we will emphasize having fun more than competition.   Fifth, you must model sportsmanship by high fiving each other after every game whether you win or lose.  Sixth, you will promise to continue this behavior not just on the field…but on the Floor.

Up2Us is more than willing to come down to Washington DC and set up your sports-based youth development day for all members of Congress on the Mall. Maybe we should take an entire week out so we can really gain the benefits of sports.  After all, Congress, sports is a critical tool for teaching individuals to get along with one another. It teaches teamwork, leadership, discipline and decision-making.   It also teaches you how to celebrate victories together and how to overcome losses. Finally, it helps to develop your brains so you can be more focused when the time comes to pass legislation.

So I say, let’s play ball.   I know that if you accept my invitation, you will overcome the present stalemate that you are experiencing.  You may even come to understand, firsthand, why public education needs to ensure that every child has access to the same benefits of sports-based youth development in their own schools and communities.  After all, they might just be in your seats one day too.

Paul Caccamo Executive Director