What Are High Impact Attributes?

Research tells us that kids who develop these attributes do better in all parts of their lives.They are the things that kids learn while playing sports that help them do better in school, in a job or in their community. They are the things that help youth make good decisions.


The ability to recognize one’s own feelings, use self-talk, and recognize personal boundaries, comfort zones, and triggers.

Positive Identity

Confidence from how a person sees him/herself as an individual and as a member of groups.  Showing strong self-esteem, self-identity, and self-worth.

Situational Awareness

The ability to read surroundings, assess risk, and interpret circumstances as they unfold.

Plan-B Thinking

The ability to consider multiple options and have a backup plan.  Being able to ask, “If X happens what are my options?”

Future Focus

Identifying priorities, setting goals based on those priorities, and developing a specific plan of action to achieve them.


Having self-control, being able to delay gratification, and following rules.

Social Confidence

The ability to speak and act the way you want to in front of peers, to negotiate for yourself, to take a stand/intervene for what you believe, and to ask for help.

Pro-Social Connections

Having a support system of people (peers and adults) who model positive behavior and support you.

High Impact Attributes are based on the work of Edgework Consulting, our partner in creating innovative youth development content.