#MadeInAmeriCorps | VISTA Jen Godfrey

One of the best things I’ve ever done, it changed my life.

Many AmeriCorps alumni will say the same or similar; the AmeriCorps experience is unique, challenging, and also gratifyin . My own experience is much the same.

I can’t lie, I will emphasize that the AmeriCorps experience is CHALLENGING. Jumping into a role that, in my case, was not established and did not exist before I came on board, was something I’d never experienced before. I was prepared for the population I would serve, as well as that smaller nonprofit workings would be difficult, but I never imagined I’d have to carve out an entire job position from scratch. I didn’t feel like I had the skills, or the confidence, in order to accomplish such a large job.

It was hard work, but now, on my second year in the same position/site, I’m confident in my role. I have built communication and leadership skills that I never could have imagined possessing before. I have had the opportunity to network with CEOs at behemoth nonprofits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. I can say confidently that I have directed multiple teams of volunteers to collaborate on projects for my host site, Youth Mentoring Partnership (YMP). I utilized my own unique skills to make YMP look as professional and impactful as it really is.

To know that through this incredible opportunity that Up2Us Sports provides to grow myself, I am also helping to make my community a brighter and happier place, is indescribable.