Saving Youth Sports Programs in America


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I’m writing this on Super Bowl Sunday when most of America will be entertained by sports. While we experience football as a source of joy and diversion from our everyday lives, we need to remember that sports are also a critical lifeline for kids throughout this nation. Many kids rely on their coach to teach them skills that carry them from the field to their education, to their workplace, and onward to their success throughout their lifetimes. Many adults now in law offices, hospitals, government agencies, schools—in every career—attribute their success to values they’ve learned playing sports. Yet, at a time like this, sports programs are literally being wiped away in many communities because of budget cuts, pay-to-play, and lack of funding for anything other than reading writing and arithmetic. This must change.  Because this places the spirit of our American character at risk.

America is great because we have always encouraged the development of all sides of human character from the creative to the intellectual to the athletic. As a nation, we need to stay that way.  That’s why, on this Super Bowl Sunday, I am launching the inaugural blog for Up2Us to ask you to join our movement.

Up2Us is leading the national effort to be sure that every child in this country has access to a sports program that teaches them skills that will help them be a success in life. If you are a sports program that emphasizes youth development, join Up2Us. If you are an individual who cares about athletics, support Up2Us or any of our more than 500 members organizations across the country.

The future of sports is being sure that every child this nation has a chance to play. At the same time the future of solving this nation’s childhood obesity crisis, its dropout rates, and its gang problems is being sure that every child has a team to belong to.  Please check back on this blog and learn how Up2Us is making a difference.

And thank you for caring about youth sports across this nation.

Paul Caccamo Executive Director