HELP RAISE $100,000 IN 100 DAYS

Up2Us Sports has launched a fundraising campaign on CrowdRise called $100k in 100 Days to support our Operation Coach program. Between September 23, 2016 - December 31, 2016 we want to raise $100,000 to help returning veterans reconnect with their communities through sports. We'd like to expand Operation Coach to support more returning veterans, and we need your support. Can you help us raise $100k in 100 days?


Three Ways To Help:

  1. FundraiseBy setting up a fundraising page for our cause and reaching out to your network of supporters. It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser in 3 easy steps:
    1. Go here and click 'Set Up Your Fundraiser’
    2. Once you start your fundraiser, you can update it with a personal and compelling story about why you want to help raise money for this cause. You can also add pictures and videos that help illustrate why this cause means so much to you.
    3. Share your fundraiser with everyone you know and start raising money!
    4. DonateSupport the campaign here and give whatever you can. Every donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small.
    5. ShareWe would love for you to share the campaign with your network of coworkers, friends and family. Below is a sample message you can share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:
      1. Support #OperationCoach and help veterans reconnect with their communities through sports! Donate at
      2. I'm raising $$ for #OperationCoach to help veterans reconnect to their communities through sports! Support here: