AmeriCorps Members are Making an Impact through Up2Us Coach and AmeriCorps VISTA

In celebration of AmeriCorps Week, we asked AmeriCorps members serving through Up2Us Coach and AmeriCorps VISTA about what they have been able to accomplish during their service terms. 

Patrick KenaniVISTA.jpg

"AmeriCorps has given me the opportunity to learn and do so much for Up2Us Sports and the city of New York. From program evaluation, to recruiting veterans as coaches, and working towards creating an alumni network of all Up2Us Sports Coaches. My time as a VISTA has been an amazing and fulfilling journey."

- Patrick Kenai
AmeriCorps VISTA serving at Up2Us Sports HQ in NYC

Emilie Jean.FL Coach.JPG

"As an AmeriCorps service member with Up2Us Sports, I have been able to instill the power of positive thought in my kids through positive and motivational coaching strategies."

- Emilie Jean
Up2Us Coach serving in Miami thanks to funding from Volunteer Florida


Nicholas Parenteau.png

"As an AmeriCorps service member with Up2Us Sports my greatest accomplishment has been building a sport based trauma sensitive culture within the OUSD community at Acorn Woodland Elementary School. Utilizing student leadership to build a foundation of respect and support has been my “North Star”. Without all of the tools and skills learned in my San Francisco monthly meetings and specialized training camps in Sacramento none of this would be possible. Serving with Up2Us Sports has given me a real sense of community and appreciation that I have always felt during my continued service to the United States Army National Guard."

- Nicholas Parenteau
Up2Us Coach serving in Oakland, CA thanks to California Volunteers

Kysheen Wilson.jpg

"As an Americorps Service member with Up2Us Sports, I've been able to show my kids that I care about them and their growth. I cheer them on every moment of their accomplishments. I'm their biggest fan!"

-Kysheen Wilson
Up2Us Coach serving in Philadelphia thanks to PennSERVE

“As an AmeriCorps Service member with Up2Us Sports I’ve successfully built a loving environment where my student-athletes feel safe enough to express themselves creatively and critically.”

- Chris Lantigua
Up2Us Coach serving in NYC thanks to a grant from AmeriCorps National Direct

"As an AmeriCorps member, I am learning how to create meaningful experiences while serving thousands of students/youth every day. I've built strong and essential relationships from serving the Chicago community while learning how to navigate the professional world."

- Erin McIntosh
Up2Us Coach serving at Chicago Run thanks to Serve Illinois


"As an AmeriCorps member with Up2Us Sports I have been given the opportunity to work with more kids on a day to day basis. It has also allowed me to grow as a person and a coach." 

- Vincent Anderson
Up2Us Coach serving in New Orleans thanks to Volunteer Louisiana

“Our program has allowed me to coach and mentor young and inexperienced skaters in our community. Some have have never been on the ice before or competed in sports. I am building relationships of trust where they can come to me and talk about challenges in their life outside of programming. Through Up2Us, I have learned to work with kids of different abilities and I have better communication skills."

- Jordan McCreary
Up2Us Coach serving in DC thanks to AmeriCorps National Direct

"As an AmeriCorps service member with Up2Us Sports, I have accomplished great relationships with other wrestling coaches and programs. Up2Us Sports has allowed me to build connections with coaches from other sports. This has broadened my perspectives as a coach, giving me new strategies and ways to teach my kids and helping increase their skill set."

- Jerome Featherstone
Up2Us Coach serving in Baltimore, thanks to a grant from AmeriCorps National Direct

"In the fall season we had 10 elementary and middle school soccer players qualify for the academy program sponsored by the DC United team. The majority of the players were international students and this experience was transformational for them and gave them the chance to demonstrate advanced leadership skills that Up2Us teaches. Working with these kids at DC Scores really gives me the chance to take them to the next level and instill the importance of practice and dedication."

- Vanya Klein
Up2Us Coach serving at DC SCORES, thanks to a grant from AmeriCorps National Direct