How Up2Us Sports is #MadeInAmeriCorps

Since before the inception of Up2Us Sports, AmeriCorps has been by our side, providing grants to support service members to serve as youth sports coaches nationally. They awarded our Founder and CEO, Paul Caccamo, a grant in 2009 which helped officially launch the organization as the first national service program for coaches in America. These members, many of whom are from the communities in which they serve, play pivotal roles in the lives of youth in and around some of America’s most underserved communities. They give up early mornings, late evenings, and weekends to build positive relationships with youth who need coaches and mentors most. In addition to AmeriCorps National support, Up2Us Sports has been receiving additional AmeriCorps State funding through the Serve Illinois Commission, Volunteer Louisiana, CaliforniaVolunteers, PennServe and Volunteer Florida. These funds go directly towards placing service members as coaches in their respective states. Over the past decade, in these five states and across the country, the impact has been immeasurable.

In addition to the grants that support our coaches, we have worked with the AmeriCorps VISTA program since 2010. The Up2Us Sports VISTA program has helped build the capacity of member host site organizations whose missions are to serve predominantly urban, at-risk youth through positive sports, educational and youth development programming.  Over the past nine years, the program has placed over 200 AmeriCorps VISTA members to serve at over 70 of our member organizations nationwide. We have also hosted 42 VISTA members at Up2Us Sports to help grow our own capacity as an organization.

These service members prove that AmeriCorps works not only because of the positive effects they are having on the lives of youth, but also because they are gaining the necessary professional skills to continue working in the nonprofit sector. Many of the youth people serving will continue on with their current, or similar, organizations in full-time roles. Throughout its relationship with AmeriCorps National, State and VISTA programs, Up2Us Sports has seen service members move on to become managers and directors who, in turn, supervise AmeriCorps service members. Giving a year to serve the youth in these communities is equipping AmeriCorps service members with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century workplace. All the while, they may also be ensuring that the next generation of young adults - who they are impacting now as children - are ready and willing to do the same. Up2Us Sports has been built - and continues to grow - because of AmeriCorps.

Check out some of the key highlights that Up2Us Sports has been able to achieve through the support of AmeriCorps over the past nine years:


AmeriCorps National Direct

  • First received in 2009 to help launch Up2Us Sports, which officially became a 501(c)3 in January of 2010

  • Have provided grants for 1,849 service members

  • Members have served 261,500 youth nationwide

AmeriCorps VISTA Logo.jpg

AmeriCorps VISTA

  • First received in 2010 to help build capacity within Up2Us Sports and to our member organizations

  • Have placed 202 service members across 70 nonprofit organizations

serve illinois.jpg

Serve Illinois

  • First received in 2014 to place service members across Chicago

  • Have provided grants for 97 service members

  • Members have served 10,989 youth


Volunteer Florida

  • Received in 2014, 2017 and 2018 to place service members across Miami and Tampa

  • Have provided grants for 55 service members and counting

  • Members have served over 5,000 youth


Volunteer Louisiana

  • First received in 2014 to place service members across New Orleans

  • Have provided grants for 115 service members

  • Members have served 13,152 youth



  • First received in 2016 to place service members across California

  • Have provided grants for 86 service members in Southern California

  • Have provided grants for 30 service members in Northern California

  • Members have served 13,147 youth

AmeriCorps PA Logo.jpg


  • First received in 2016 to place service members across Philadelphia

  • Have provided grants for 64 service members

  • Members have served 6,430 youth nationwide